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Upsetting Fight Between Passenger and Attendant Breaks Out on American Airlines

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On American Airlines flight 591 headed from San Francisco to DFW on Friday, Surain Adyanthaya filmed a passenger sobbing as she held her child. She tearfully asks a flight attendant to retrieve her stroller that was taken from her as she grips her baby. A fellow passenger steps up to show his disapproval of the situation, shouting, “Hey bud, hey bud, you do that to me and I’ll knock you flat!”

The fight was only verbal, but it was still a very intense moment, especially considering the latest news coverage about airlines and customer relations.

WFAA says that the distressed woman had carried on a stroller that needed to be checked. The common mistake was met with anger from a flight attendant. CBS News spoke to passenger Olivia Morgan who said, “He rips [the stroller] away from her, and it almost hits her little baby’s head.” The violent act was met with disapproval from fellow passengers, including Tony Fierro who approached the flight attendant in the video. The American Airlines employee responded, “Hit me. Come on, bring it on.”

You can see the video that’s reached over seven million views on Facebook here. The airline employee at the center of all the drama was put on paid leave while an investigation continues.