Do You Know Where to Find The Fatal Corner In San Antonio?

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Almost two years after the death of Harris, on March 11, 1884, Ben Thompson met up with his old friend King Fisher; both were in town on business. Although Thompson was still very unpopular in San Antonio, he and Fisher were feared men due to their reputations as skilled gunmen. After attending a play, the pair went to the Vaudeville Theater. Thompson asked to see Joe Foster. Fisher and Thompson were directed upstairs to meet with Foster but instead were met with a hail of gunfire. Both Thompson and Fisher were killed, as well as Joe Foster, who shot himself in the leg. The place of their death would go down in legend as the Fatal Corner.

Afterward, there was public outcry for a grand jury indictment of those involved, as many felt the Fatal Corner ambush was cowardly. However, no action was ever taken. The San Antonio Police and the prosecutor showed little interest in the case, and eventually, it simply went away. Though a little less known than other Wild West gunfights, The Vaudeville Theater Ambush was a real event. After 135 years, buildings and streets have changed, but the history of San Antonio as part of the Old West remains.

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