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Get Your Hands on Some Tasty Texas Hill Country Bagels

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Though the Texas Hill Country is not known for the northern breakfast bread of bagels, you can still get your carb fix if you crave a cream-cheese topped torus. Some places offer unusual bagel flavors while others rely on authenticity as a draw. Determine the type of bagels you want, creative or genuine, to help you decide where to go for Texas Hill Country bagels.

Boss Bagels – San Antonio

Boss Bagel's veggie sandwich on a rainbow bagel is one of the Texas Hill Country bagels you can find

Photo: Facebook/Boss Bagels

Boss Bagels gets creative with its breakfast bread. You can find not only regular and light cream cheese smears but also tofu ones for vegetarians. The bagels themselves come in a variety of flavors with unusual toppings you can add. Where else can you find a chocolate bagel or a whole wheat bagel with steak seasoning? If you want Texas Hill Country bagels purveyors that serve breakfast with as much variety as a doughnut shop, check out San Antonio’s Boss Bagels.

Chicago Bagel and Deli – San Antonio

Chicago Bagel Deli has is another place to find Texas Hill Country bagels

Photo: Facebook/Chicago Bagel and Deli

Another spot in San Antonio to try for bagel-lovers is Chicago Bagel and Deli. To get the perfect bagel crust, they water-boil the bagels before baking. This process gives the bagels their authentic flavor. Though the varieties offered tend to stay traditional, with the most unusual flavor a spicy Italian tomato bagel, the authenticity makes up for it. You can even get a bagel with lox on it if you’re feeling especially adventurous to eat fish in the morning. But, this isn’t as unusual as it sounds. Lox, salted salmon, is a traditional bagel pairing in many parts of the country. Also, pick up one of the giant cinnamon rolls from here while you stock up on bagels. You won’t regret getting the family-sized pastry with your order.

Wholy Bagel – Austin

Wholy Bagel boils then bakes their authentic New York style bagels

Photo: Facebook/Wholy Bagel

Maybe you still crave New-York style bagels after leaving San Antonio. Head to Austin’s Wholy Bagel to get some more. Like Chicago Bagel, this shop boils then bakes the bagels. The shop also makes cream cheese in-house in a variety of traditional and unusual flavors, with seasonal flavors appearing throughout the years. Also, if you go, pick up some black and white cookies for a real New York experience. These cookies are iced on one side in white and on the other side in black, giving them their name. Though it’s difficult to find these cravable cookies in the South, you can get them from Wholy Bagel.