Finding Passion with a Visit to Texas (Try it Before You Knock It)

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It’s possible to ignite a huge fire with a slow burning ember. And, of course, we think the best place to do so is right here in Texas. We love our state. And, we love to see people happily enjoying it together. It’s not hard to tell when a couple is jiving…if you catch our drift. So, we thought about what it was about the Lone Star State which has caused a number of couples to build a fire that no one could hold a flame to, and here’s what we came up with.

1. Romance Is in Both the Little and Big Things You Do

Finding Passion With a Visit to Texas (Try it Before You Knock It)

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If you were from Texas, you would know the common tradition of homecoming mums (not the flower, but a design), but since you may not be, we’ll elaborate. In the state of Texas, High school students developed a tradition of wearing ornate, sometimes overbearing floral pins to homecoming. These pins are known as mums. In other states, and back in the olden days, girls would get senior pins or corsages from their significant others. Perhaps, if you’re are the significant other in this instance, you should bring your girl to Texas, get her the largest mum possible, and show her how you feel about her. If that sounds like a crazy option in your instance, perhaps take her on a trip to Texas and buy her a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flower. Romance can come in all shapes and sizes, remember.

2. Have You Tried Sweltering Heat?

Save Your Marriage by Visiting Texas (Try it Before You Knock It)

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It’s not actually a proven fact, but logic stands that when you’re sweltering hot, it’s tough to keep fully dressed. If you want to rekindle things, our next advice is to bring your significant other to Texas in the middle of one of our infamous heat waves! That ought to win you large points! Just kidding, don’t actually take that step. You might end up with heat stroke instead of burning desire. But, perhaps keep an eye on the weather for your next trip here…we have some amazingly beautiful sunny days we often brag about, not to mention the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets that produce and finish them off in blazes of glory.

3. Visit a Swimming Hole

Save Your Marriage by Visiting Texas (Try it Before You Knock It)
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