Man Receives Hefty Fine For Shooting Deer From His Property

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Sixty-three-year-old Tennessee resident Clarence Robertson is paying a $10 thousand fine after shooting an 11-point buck. Even though Robertson was on his property (standing in his driveway) when he fired the shot, he made the pricey mistake of shooting at the deer across a public street and into a field where he wasn’t authorized to hunt.

Due to new state legislation, the fine for illegally shooting a buck has increased in Tennessee. WFAA reports, “For white-tailed deer with at least eight, but not more than 10 antler points, the fine is $1,000 per animal, plus $500 for each antler point. For a white-tailed deer with 11 or more antler points, the fine is $1,000 per animal plus $750 for each antler point.” And stated that Robertson’s target was particularly large. In fact, Jefferson County Wildlife Officer Wayne Rich said ““It was probably the biggest buck I’ve ever seen in Jefferson County.”

Even though Robertson won’t have access to the deer and will have his license withheld until he pays the fine, thanks to the Jefferson County High School Future Farmers of America, the deer meat didn’t go to waste. The meat was donated to charity while the antlers and hide will go to the owner of the property where the deer was shot.