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San Antonio Fire Department Holds Flashy Christmas Suit Photo Shoot

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Tony Maples Photography


The SAFD isn’t afraid to look a little silly this holiday season in one of their latest Facebook posts. This week, the San Antonio Professional Fire Fighters Association posted a couple of photos of ten of their men who donned gaudy Christmas-themed suits. “Merry Christmas from the SAFD’s Cheaper to Keebler Elves! When an ugly Christmas sweater just doesn’t say enough!” the caption reads.

The photos of the loud outfits worn by the dashing heroes have reached over 1.6 thousand reactions and 390 shares in only a couple of days. Juanita Lopez wrote, “This would be a great start to a calendar.” Melissa Valdez added, “Takes a brave man to wear a suit like that and even braver man to be a firefighter. Prayers gentlemen!”

If you’re wondering where one could purchase such a festive suit, the SA Current points in the direction of Shinesty.com. Not only do they have suits (which cost about $100), they also have boxers, pajamas, and a couple of smaller suits for kids to capture that perfect Christmas card look. And ladies aren’t left out of the fun, either, with reversible holiday print dresses and even a couple of sequin vests. Order soon to sport a new outfit for Christmas!