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Firefighter’s Marriage Proposal at the Alamo is Texas Perfection

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If you were planning a marriage proposal in San Antonio, where would you do it? Perhaps at its most recognizable landmark? The symbolism of the Alamo is vast. It can stand for Texas pride, a long battle, an emblem of San Antonio and now, for a Texas couple, a symbol of love and devotion.

Scott Bower, a San Antonio firefighter, surprised his girlfriend Caroline Westman with a proposal of marriage in front of the Alamo. Westman was simply riding her bike around town so she was shocked to spot her boyfriend with fellow firefighters waiting for her in front of the historic site.

Onlookers took video and shared in the excitement of the sweet moment while Westman said, “Yes!”

Several couples have felt the romantic pull of the Alamo. One video from SMASH Dance Fitness shows a 2004 dance performance proposal on the road right in front of the Alamo.