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Texas Hill Country Firefighters to Battle California Wildfires

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Approximately 200 Texas firefighters are in the process of being sent to assist with the devastating southern California wildfires. Several of these brave first responders will be departing from the Texas Hill Country. 55 fire engines and manpower from fire departments throughout the state will be en route to California according to an announcement made by Governor Greg Abbott on Sunday, November 11.

Teams from the Texas A&M Forest Service will also be a part of the deployment, which began on Monday morning, November 12. Listed from the Hill Country are the Round Rock Fire Department, the Austin Fire Department, and the Lake Travis Fire Rescue. These were among the 40 Texas departments who were noted as sending resources, according to Abbott’s office.

Texas Hill Country Firefighters to Battle California Wildfires

Photo: Facebook/Texas State Association of Firefighters

Noted as being one of the most destructive on record, this year’s wildfire season in California has so far claimed the lives of 44 people according to a report by the New York Times. As the fires continue to rage, firefighters and rescue teams from various cities and towns respond in an effort to assist the state in managing to quell the destruction and death toll. An area resident who was able to safely evacuate with her child described the scene like “any apocalyptic movie I have ever seen” and said that she wasn’t entirely sure she was driving away from the fire or toward death while the sky darkened around them. According to media reports, a mixture of warm winds, low humidity, and dryness following a dry month have served to lay the groundwork for these fires to spread quickly.