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Fires in a Cedar Park, Texas Walmart Thought to be Set On Purpose

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USA Today reports that two fires were thought to be purposely started in a Cedar Park, Texas Walmart on November 22 around 1:30 in the morning. Thankfully, the Walmart’s overhead sprinkler system extinguished the flames quickly, and firefighters rushed to the scene to take care of the rest of the smoldering merchandise.

No one was injured, but officials think that the fires were set on purpose. USA Today reported that police were speaking with a suspect who is said to not be an employee, though an update from KVUE conveyed that the current state of the investigation is unknown.

The Cedar Park Walmart had to remain closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. In fact, today (Monday, November 27) marks the first day they’ve reopened, and KXAN says they’re only allowing customers to shop in their grocery section. Employees were able to work at other locations while the store was closed, and as of now, Walmart has not commented on how much merchandise was lost.