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First Responders Climbed to the Top of the Tower of Americas on 9/11

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Every American who remembers the 9/11 attacks has a personal way of processing the event when the anniversary comes up. This year, KSAT writes that San Antonio first responders (specifically police officers and firefighters) continued the tradition of meeting at the Tower of the Americas to complete two climbs of the 952 stairs to the top to mimic the 110-story climb of the World Trade Center.

They used the time to think about the sacrifice firefighters and police officers made on 9/11, many knowing that they might not make it through the day. KSAT says that some of the participants had recently been in Houston helping with Harvey efforts, adding to the weight of emotion they would carry up the stairs.

On the Tower of the Americas Facebook page, one can see how moving the event was with all of the first responders in full uniform surrounded by mournful music played by drums and bagpipes. “It was a privilege being there and making the climb with my fellow firefighters from district 2,” Richard Burton commented on a video from the event. “I’m proud to be an American… land of the free because of these brave men n women,” Shziel L. Deleon added.