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First Ultra-Accessible Family Fun Park at Morgan’s Wonderland

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Located on 25 acres in San Antonio and labeled “the world’s first ultra-accessible family fun park,” Morgan’s Wonderland looks like any other fantastical fun land for children and adults alike. The key word there, however, is ‘alike’, the meaning of which, according to the dictionary is ‘of or similar to’ and ‘the same’. The patrons that this Shangrila-of-sorts is built for would like nothing more than to be able to experience and enjoy a family vacation the same as everyone else, and in this special-needs-focused, barrier-free fun zone, they can!



Morgan’s Wonderland is the brainchild of Gordon and Maggie Hartman, philanthropists and founders of the theme park and play land designed for those with physical challenges and cognitive delays. Named for their daughter, who herself faces similar challenges, the park is designed with its visitors in mind – a place where everyone, regardless of limitations or barriers can enjoy access, atmosphere and sensory amusement without giving thought to or trying to accommodate a limit or a barrier of any sort. With its more than double-wide wheelchair accessible paths, rides that accommodate support chairs and mechanisms for children and adults, as well as a special “Sensory Village” for family fun inclusive of those that have special needs, the park has been designed with emotional and physical acceptance and access in mind.


In April 2010, this unique park opened its doors, welcoming more than 500,000 guests from all states as well as 54 countries. Anyone with a special need – for whom the park was designed – was admitted for free and continues to be so. The original vision of establishing a special place where “the common element of play creates an atmosphere of inclusion for those with and without disabilities, encouraging everyone to gain a greater understanding of one another,” has since grown, like many great visions do.

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