Fischer Store: Texas Hill Country Vintage Charm Not to Miss

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For 150 years Fischer Store has been a gem to its community. A vintage classic full of charm and owned and operated by Hermann Fischer’s descendants.

Built in 1902, “…it was originally meant to be a warehouse for farm implements and other inventory,” states its website. “At one point it was the biggest mercantile establishment in Texas, employing 16 clerks and handling farm machinery, threshers, household goods, and groceries.”


Fischer Store

Photo: Facebook/Fischer Store

According to its Facebook page, back in 1853, Hermann Fischer was the first settler in northern Comal County. He built a log cabin and opened a general store at one end.

Over the next century, the business grew and became “…the largest inland mercantile establishment in Texas.” In 1876 the store was moved to a larger building which also had a saloon. “The U.S. Postal Department approved adding a post office in the store’s new location. Hermann became the first postmaster,” shares its website.

Outgrowing its second locations, the store and post office moved into the metal building you see today. “The saloon remained in the second building where it operated until Prohibition.”


Fischer Store (3)

Photo: Facebook/Fischer Store

Throughout its history, the Fischer Store has been passed down, generation after generation. “During the last 20 years, Charlene Fischer oversaw its transition from a general store to an antique store and museum. Unfortunately, Charlene passed away in a car accident in October 2015,” states its website.

In addition to Fischer Store, you will also find a charming community nestled among the beautiful Hill Country area. There is Fischer Hall, a popular venue for dances, weddings and, reunions. And, “Otto Fischer donated land to the society in 1897, where they built a dance hall and a nine-pin bowling alley.” The Fischer Bowling Club today is a modern four-lane, indoor alley.

You will also find the Fischer School which was rebuilt after a fire in 1940 using the same foundation and rock steps, according to its website. There is also the Fischer Cemetary taken care of by the Fischer Cemetery Association. “The association completed the Historic Texas Cemetery (HTC) designation on Fischer Cemetery in 2009, and a historic marker was added in 2014.”


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Photo: Facebook/Fischer Store

The Fischer family continues to preserve the store’s legacy by continuously working to restore it to its original state. “We’re very focused on preserving the history of the store, our family, and the community. Whenever you stop by, you’ll find multiple generations of Fischer’s either hard at work, eating sausage, or telling stories,” shares their Facebook page.

To learn more about this quaint and charming gem of the Hill Country visit its website at www.fischerstore.com and its Facebook page.