Fisher Price Taco Tuesday Gift Set is a Foodie Dream Toy!

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There are hashtags for it, T-shirts inscribed with it, and entire days we set aside to “experience” it. What is it? It’s Taco Tuesday. And not only are adults and foodies getting in on the phenomenon, but Fisher Price has developed a gift set through which kids can experience the fun as well!

Available through Amazon, the Fisher Price Taco Tuesday Gift Set is listed at a mere $9.99 and includes such cool fake food items as a crinkle shell taco, tomato teethers, soft lettuce to play with and feel, and beans and cheese made out of ribbons! The sensory toys available in this set also come with a rattle shaped like an avocado, and some clackers designed to look like a slice of lemon and lime each.

Video: YouTube/TTPM Baby Gear Reviews

Shared on the TTPM Baby Gear Reviews YouTube channel, the video above reviews the Fisher Price Taco Tuesday Gift Set, including each of its three food-themed toys. It outlines the benefits of getting this gift set for your child, family member, or friend, noting that it will get “babies exploring different sounds and textures.” It also notes that each of the toys in the set “has a loop so it can be attached to the ring for on-the-go play or removed so that each toy can be played with individually.” Amazon’s product description reads: “A variety of exciting textures stimulate your baby’s tactile senses, while the avocado’s rattle and the clackers offer fun sounds to foster your little one’s hearing skills! Thinking Skills: As little foodies shake the avocado rattle to hear fun sounds, they see their actions can make things happen—a perfect intro to cause & effect!”

Customer reviews of the gift set have been rated at four and five stars, with one shopper indicating, “I bought this for our almost 3 month old and it’s a hit. She’s a bit young to understand it, but loves clutching onto the taco. It makes crinkle noises, and she likes feeling the different textures. This set is super well made, the colors are bright, and seeing our baby play with this is hilarious.” So, whether you’re a foodie, a toy fan, or simply love getting the latest, possibly coolest new thing for kids, the Fisher Price Taco Tuesday Gift Set appears to be a hit. And it definitely won’t go unnoticed in Texas!