Fitness for the Average Joe: Are You “Fit”?

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  • Are you able to accomplish everyday routine tasks such as walking to and from a building through a parking lot?
  • Are you able to walk upstairs or up hills?
  • Are you able to carry a load of groceries to the house?
  • Are you able to pick up a 15-pound box and put it on a shelf in the closet?
  • If you had to run as fast as you can for 20 yards to prevent a child from being hit by a car, would you be able to?

Fitness dude flipping tires.

Photo: Flickr/Mark Bonica

Based on your level of exertion for each of the above questions, you should get a quick and general picture of how “fit” you are in a real-world sense. If your level of exertion was high in answering these questions, then looking into a fitness program may be in order. If your level of exertion was low, then carry on.

Next week, we will look at simple methods to incorporate fitness into our everyday life, with or without the gym.

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