5 Reasons Hill Country Texans Are Better Looking

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Most people agree with the old cliché, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But something about the Texas Hill Country makes folks from around these parts just a little better-looking than your average Joe or JoAnne. But why are they different? The five reasons below determine why Hill Country Texans are so darn cute.

1. It’s All About the Grape, Baby

Five Reasons Hill Country Texans Are Better Looking

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Numerous studies now link health benefits to drinking wine. From reduced risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke to lengthening the number of days in one’s life, positive medical studies give people reasons to imbibe. With the plethora of wineries blanketing the Texas Hill Country, residents seize the chance to drink their fair share and improve their health at the same time.

2. Outside is the Best Side

Five Reasons Hill Country Texans Are Better Looking

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The mild, sunny weather of the Texas Hill Country also contributes to the beauty of the people. Of course, summer temperatures may climb into the 100s, and winter occasionally brings a day or two of bluster and bite, but by and large, the moderate climate allows folks to spend a good deal of time outdoors. Time outside encourages exercise, aids in vitamin D absorption and in general, just makes people look and feel good.

3. Nature Reduces Stress

Five Reasons Hill Country Texans Are Better Looking

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The Texas Hill Country enjoys a unique landscape forever tempting people to get outside and explore. Investigating the sights, sounds and seasons of the Hill Country is as easy as a walk in the park thanks to the Texas national and state park systems. Rivers and lakes offering chances to canoe, kayak, fish or swim are typically a short drive away. Parks and natural areas are like Mother Nature’s playground encouraging visitors to get out and experience it. Studies show that time spent enjoying nature reduces stress and promotes good health.

4. Fresh is Best


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Mom and Pop restaurants supporting the farm to table movement seek to use fresh ingredients from area producers. Small business, farmers and growers, and their customers all benefit from this dining trend. Consuming locally grown food makes for a healthy body and a healthy local economy too. A Hill Country Texan’s attractiveness reflects on the outside the goodness they put inside.

5. Good Friends Make People Happy

Five Reasons Hill Country Texans Are Better Looking

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Whether chowing down at a backyard barbecue, tubing down the Guadalupe or cutting a rug at the local bar, Texas Hill Country people know how to relax and have a good time. Making memories with friends and family can’t help but bring a smile to anyone’s face. And most agree that happy people sport a definite alluring glow.

In short, life in the Texas Hill Country makes people happy and healthy. And healthy, happy people are the most beautiful people of all.