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Third Annual Flat Earth International Conference to be Held in Texas

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The third annual Flat Earth International Conference is coming to Frisco, Texas, in November, bringing together skeptics from across the map (not the globe, certainly!) to discuss the topic from their perspectives.

The two previous iterations of this event were hosted by Kryptoz Media (a firm based in Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada). These events were held in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Denver, Colorado, featuring a number of speakers, a host of demonstrations, and a strong following.

This third event will gather in North Texas this fall at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Frisco Hotel Convention Center to discuss all things Flat Earth theory-related. Despite the mainstream acceptance of a spherical earth, those who support this event strongly believe that the Earth is not, in fact, a sphere. Many of those who support the Flat Earth theory believe the “round Earth” concept to be a giant conspiracy upheld by NASA, government agencies, and Freemasonry. The Flat Earth movement has gained popularity in recent years, with many YouTube commentators and even a few celebrities voicing interest in it. Flat Earth Theorists have done in-depth research on the topic, and even if you disagree with them, you’ve got to admit their theories are highly entertaining.

YouTube: Flat Earth International Conference 

Shared on the Flat Earth International Conference YouTube channel, the video above is a teaser to this fall’s Frisco event. The conference is being held November 14-15, 2019, and the Kryptoz Media and Flat Out Truth production has listed a live stream option as the lowest ticketed price, at $40. With the deadline for early-bird tickets now past, there are group rates (4+) listed at $199 per person, with general admission listed at $249. There’s also a child ticket priced at $50, and a VIP package listed at $399. Vendor registration appears to remain open at this time, and if you’re curious about Flat Earth theory or beliefs, this might be just the event you’ll want to check out.