Experience a Float Down the Frio in Concan: A Hill Country Summer Pastime You Can’t Miss

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Scored with a light-hearted soundtrack and giving you great views of the crystal-clear, refreshing waters that can be found in the Frio River, a video by Can-Do Adventures with Amber & Clint shows us some spring and summer fun. It’s all to be had while tubing in Concan, in the Texas Hill Country.

On a beautifully clear, sunny day, the family at the heart of this video sets out by bus to their tubing destination. Tethered together for safety (as well as tethered to a cooler for snacks and drinks), they give viewers the sensation and experience of taking the trip right along with them. This excursion includes areas deep enough for the kids to swim and shallows that are amazingly clean. There are even miniature portage areas for your enjoyment (a small dam over which the water spills, with very tiny rapids at its base). Similarly, you can float in the sunshine, or find yourself some shade on the way to keep you cool along your trip.

While staying in Concan, Texas, the best choice for accommodations is undoubtedly Frio Country Resort. You’re guaranteed to have a blast at this popular Hill Country getaway destination. Spend your days tubing, kayaking, or hiking through some truly breathtaking countryside.

The video speaks for itself! A float down the Frio is a refreshing tubing experience that looks like the kind of vacation time we all want to spend. The scenery is also second-to-none! From start to finish, this video makes the entire trip an enjoyable one, much like the real thing, wrapping up the way it started on the bus trip back to the landing.