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Llano River Flooding Carries Away an RV Park: Campers Missing

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Flooding has ravaged south central Texas. In the early morning hours on Monday, four men were carried away by floodwaters rushing through an RV Park near Junction, Texas. The surging waters of the Llano River washed away their RV and led to a desperate search conducted by emergency crews via helicopters and boats. As of Tuesday morning, the men were still missing.

Rains fell hard and heavy beginning Sunday night. The four men went missing sometime before dawn on Monday. Regarding the South Llano River RV Park & Resort, the Kimble County Sheriff reported that all of the RVs, at least a dozen in the park, were swept away along with the park’s main office.

Llano River Flooding Carries Away an RV Park: Campers Missing

Photo: Facebook/Emily Maples

Emergency crews evacuated 40 people from the park and rescued 19, using boats and helicopters. One woman was carried over 20 miles downstream. Among those rescued were two people who had taken the only shelter they could find from the rising water. They were clinging to a treetop, along with their pet dog.

The National Weather Service reported that the majority of the flooding took place along the South Llano River. 12 inches of rainfall were reported between Sunday night and Monday evening. A meteorologist with the NWS stated that so much rain fell in such a short timeframe it built up to a mighty wall surging through the river canyon. Prior to the flood, the river level was noted at around two feet. On Monday morning, the level in Junction was measured at a shocking 31.2 feet.