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Flower Mound’s New Street Names Honor Fallen Heroes

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Housing developer Jeff Ramsey in Flower Mound, Texas takes the task of naming new neighborhood streets in Hawks Hill very seriously. He intends on naming new streets after fallen service members.

This past Saturday, the Flower Mound community gathered for a naming ceremony of a soon-to-be paved street called Aaron Hudson Drive.

WFAA reported Ramsey’s statement at the event, saying, “We will continue to keep his memory alive.” Now, Hudson’s family can walk down the road named after him.

Aaron Hudson was only 20-years-old when he passed away in 2005 in Iraq. He was killed when an explosive device went off next to him. His father, Mark, said he was a fun “people person.”

When it came to trying to describe the experience of having a street named after his late son, Mark stated, “I don’t know how to say it. But this is now something we can hold onto.”

Another street close by is named after Lance Cpl. Jacob Lugo who was only 21 when he died in Iraq. Ramsey plans on continuing this thoughtful trend. Hopefully, these memorial street names will stand as a daily reminder of how precious life is and how much people who serve (and their families) sacrifice.