Set Your Sights on Spring Colors at Enchanted Rock

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The first bright colors of spring arrive at Enchanted Rock with this Claret Cup Cactus flower.

Texans favorite flower is not widespread at E Rock, you have to be paying attention to see these Texas Bluebonnets.  

ERSNA Bluebonnets

Photo: Robert C Deming

At this point in the spring, one has to look closely to see the colorful flowers popping up; after the rains of last fall and winter, before long the park will be awash with bright colors. Bluebonnets can usually be found along Sandy Creek but are never as spectacular as in other parts of the county.

Basin Sneezeweed

ERSNA Basin Sneezeweed

Photo: Robert C Deming

It won’t be long before these yellow beauties cover the hillsides; right now, they are just scattered around.

Not flowers, but these fungi are bright and interesting.


Photo: Robert C Deming

These fungi are a startling color amid the browns, greens, and grays.

Look closely at the subtle colors on this rock.

ERSNA Lichen Covered Rock
Photo: Robert C Deming

These crustose lichens can be found in red, orange, yellow, green, and black. They are subtle but give this rock wonderful texture, and they grow very slowly – as little as one centimeter/year.

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