Fly Fishing for Bluegill in the Texas Hill Country

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Heading out to the river to go fly fishing for bluegill may not be at the top of your priority list after all this flooding, but there will come a day when the flood waters recede and the itch to catch a fish or two will lead you to your favorite fishing spot once again. While most will head out for some largemouth bass, crappie, or catfish, fishing for bluegill can be entertaining and  a good way brush up on your fly fishing skills or test out a new top-water lure. They fry up nice, too!

This YouTube video by Brian Hilbert was shot with his new GoPro camera after he headed out to an undisclosed Texas Hill Country river with a buddy. According to Hilbert, he used “mostly a foam spider pattern or foam cricket with a rubber leg nymph dropper.” When asked by a viewer where he went, Hilbert responded, “we did our homework and put in the time to find these spots. :-)”  Some suspect Kerrville, some Round Rock, and others Lost Creek. Regardless of the area, the rivers of the Texas Hill Country will not fail to produce a good honey hole.

Bluegill Alley - Topwater fly fishing in the Texas Hill Country