Did You Know You Can Spot Flying Squirrels in the Wild in Texas?

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Keep your eyes peeled or you might miss them. Flying squirrels live in the wild in Texas, but many of us have never seen one due to their small size, swiftness, and nocturnal nature. According to the National Wildlife Federation, the southern flying squirrel is “found throughout the eastern U.S., from Maine south to Florida and west from Minnesota south to Texas.” They’re omnivores that will even eat birds and their eggs, and they reside in wooded areas in nests leftover by birds or woodpecker holes.

One of the things that make these rodents so special is the fact they can glide 150 feet in one swoop! The membrane between the squirrel’s arms and body allow the 8-10-inch creature to “fly” from tree to tree.

KHOU writes that photos of flying squirrels have been popping up on Houstonians’ social media. They spoke with Operations Director for Houston’s Wildlife Center of Texas Debbie Mitchell who says the best place to see one of these tiny wonders is any “neighborhood where there are tall trees, such as Tomball, Kingwood and Oak Forest.”