Amazing Font Morphs as You Type to Suit Each Word

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As it’s said on their IndieGoGo campaign that’s reached $65,000 over the original goal of $4,000, an Athens, Greece-based collective called høly created the font Futuracha five years ago. The art deco font was used by companies for logos and even by individuals for tattoo designs, but it had to be manually set up letter-by-letter. Due to its popularity, høly wanted to make the font more responsive so people were able to type freely with the design without constraints.

Now, they’ve developed Futuracha Pro, a font that morphs to fit the word the user is typing. Bored Panda sums up Futuracha Pro as the “Open Type version of the file [Futuracha] that could be typed normally from any keyboard, featuring intelligent characters that change shape according to the letter sequence of a given word.” To understand how it works its magic, it’s best to watch the video uploaded by høly here.

According to their IndieGoGo campaign, there are still $50 commercial use licenses available for the next two days. So those who want to use the gorgeous style of Futuracha Pro on their website or products can jump right in and watch as the letters mold themselves together in the most visually appealing ways possible.