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Family Sets Up a ‘Take What You Need’ Food Pantry on Their Front Lawn

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A big, metal cabinet standing near the sidewalk in front of someone’s house in a quiet neighborhood in Cibolo isn’t exactly a common sight, but what the Campos family has created is a special, safe space for those in need to take food items to fill their bellies.

Single parent Katherine Campos told KSAT that she can relate to peoples’ struggles, and she wants to elevate worry for others any way she can. “I know they tried to go to different food banks and everything, but it’s, sometimes, a wait and a process. They have to fill out applications,” she said of locals who need a little boost.

MySA.com says that Campos, her 11-year-old son, and neighbors keep the cabinet full of non-perishables like “rice and noodle packets, soups and broths, canned vegetables, and boxed cereals.” Campos says she dedicates about 10 percent of her income to the pantry.

Campos made sure that keeping the food pantry on her front porch was legal, and once the city OK’d it, people began visiting, some only during the middle of the night. “It’s opened [my son’s] eyes to see how many people struggle. Most of the cars that stop are cars that take, not donate. He now knows he’s doing something good, for a family in need,” she told MySA.com.

If you live in Cibolo and have the means to donate, drop by the 100 block of Buffalo Trail off FM 1103 with non-perishable food items and place them inside the metal cabinet.