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Incredible Food Truck Fare in San Antonio

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From the chuck wagon to the not-so-tempting “roach coach”, Americans have been sampling varieties of mobile meals for more than 2 centuries. Food trucks are a phenomenon that aren’t going away any time soon – and why should they?! They serve some gourmet food at fantastic prices. Here is just a small sampling of what you can expect in San Antonio for food truck fare:

Where to Look



Most cities have favorite food truck fairways, and San Antonio is no exception. Some of the hot spots you can look to find your next Muy Bueno-meal are as follows:

  • 281 Food Park
  • Alamo Street Eat Bar
  • Boardwalk on Bulverde
  • The Block
  • The Point Park & Eats, 24180 Boerne Stage Road

What to Eat



Now that you know where to look, what are you hungry for? Food trucks aren’t limited in this day and age, and they cook everything from comfort food to seafood and all tastes in between. Feast your eyes, and your appetites on just some of the San Antonio food truck offerings…

The Chow Train



Regardless of stature or economic status in life, Chef Joan Cheever wants everyone to be able to enjoy a nutritious, gourmet meal. So she hands them out for free every Tuesday from this non-profit food truck and patrons who can pay are asked to donate what they think their food is worth, or donate extra to assist those that are less fortunate. Those who aren’t in position to pay are encouraged to volunteer for an hour in lieu. Call (210) 471-1925 or visit them online at

Totally Shredded



Chef and owner Rich Yennerell offers up sandwiches, tacos, and drinks (to name a few), free of artificial sweeteners and preservatives. He feels that food should be wholesome, and that’s what his food truck focuses on. Call (210) 788-2259 or visit them online at Totally Shreded on Facebook.

Where Y’At



Chef and owner, Pieter Sypesteyn wants his patrons to enjoy the best of NOLA with soft shell crab po’boys, corn on the cob and beignets, and barbecue shrimp. Sample the true flavors of New Orleans at this feast on wheels! Call (210) 420-0069 or visit them online at

Primo Passo Pizzeria



Using yeast from a small island near Naples, each pizza is made to order and cooked in an oven designed for Italian-style pizzas. Authentic, artisan, and so good. Call (210) 426-5987 or visit them online at

Society Bakery



Owner Roshi Muns has expanded to a food truck in San Antonio from the original shop in Dallas (featured on The Food Network as well as Ellen) and in March 2012 set up shop at the Boardwalk on Bulverde for most Fridays and Saturdays. You won’t want to miss the M&M cookies, rumored to be as big as your face! Call (210) 307-6916 for more information.