For This Dad, Boiling Crayons is Only the Start of His Compassion

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Tony Maples Photography


Boiling crayons may sound odd to some, but to Bryan Ware, it’s a way to inspire children across the world with his art program initiative.

Bryan Ware is the founder of the Crayon Initiative, a non-profit organization that works to recycle free materials into art supplies for children across the world. Their official tagline is “recycling unwanted crayons into unlimited possibilities for children,” and it’s a beautiful sentiment.

The organization started after he realized that every time he and his family dined out at a restaurant with crayons in boxes, the crayons had to be thrown away after hardly any uses. So he came up with the idea to boil down the crayons and run them through models to create new crayons. He can salvage even the stubbiest, tiniest bit of crayon wax and add it to a brand new one.

Currently, the Crayon Initiative is organizing crayon collections where old crayons are gathered from volunteers. The final product crayons are distributed to children who need them the most: hospital art programs. Ware’s mission is to always let children be children and grow artistically despite their circumstances.

The video below details the amazing goal and process of the Crayon Initiative.