In Five Years, Ford Wants You to Ride Around in a Driverless Car

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Five years from now you might be chauffeured around town in a self-driving car made by Ford. Business Insider reports that Ford recently announced that they will unveil a “‘high-volume’ fleet of driverless cars in a ride-hailing or sharing service by 2021.”

The vehicles will travel along specific roads in a “geo-fenced area” that is carefully planned out. Since these cars will have a set route, they will not have some of the normal car attributes like a steering wheel or brake pedals. Rumor has it that the cars will resemble the Ford Fusion.

Business Insider quotes Ford’s Vice President of research, Ken Washington, as saying, “We plan to initially provide this service in urban areas and then scale up to other areas. Our focus, of course, first is North America. But our long-term strategy and ambitions [are] to provide this service all over the world.”

In order to have the best technology for their driverless cars, they will use lidar sensors like Google uses for their autonomous vehicles. These sensors utilize laser beams to measure distance from other objects.

This year, Ford will have 30 self-driving cars in their test fleet, but they plan to have 90 in 2017 to keep testing their way to their 2021 goal.