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Fort Bend County Neighborhood Visited by Large, Lost Gator

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Major Chad Norvell tweeted some unusual news on Tuesday morning. “Since we have nothing else to do right now, this big girl thought she would go for a walk! Old Orchard Community,” he posted around 8 a.m. along with a photo of a huge gator in the middle of a suburban street. In a follow-up post he said, “She really isn’t interested in moving.” Eventually, the gator found a spot on a front porch and stayed put until the Texas Game Wardens arrived.

A video posted to Click2Houston.com showing the game wardens capturing the gator is a surreal sight. While the rain pours down, the wardens calmly surround the alligator and are able to get a rope around its body. The creature thrashes about, hitting a white rocking chair near the front door. Eventually, it’s pulled out to the sidewalk where it barrel rolls like a cat trying to worm its way out of a harness. The warden who appears to be “walking” the gator on the “leash” manages to tape its mouth so all of the wardens can work together to lift the 200-pound creature into the back of a truck.

Hopefully, the gator is much happier back at home near the water than it was on its neighborhood walk!