Fort Clark Springs Just Became Your New Texas Summer Vacation Destination

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There’s nothing like a spring-fed pool to help you make the most out of a Texas summer, and one of the more underrated and (by process of elimination) less busy swimming holes to experience just that is at Fort Clark, located near Bracketville. Fed by Las Moras Springs, the pool at Fort Clark isn’t entirely an unknown. For hundreds of years, man has been making good use of this 68-degree oasis, and nowadays, it’s a summer haven complete with grills and picnic tables.

In addition to smaller amenities such as this, there’s also an arcade room for the teens, not to mention a great gym for the parents, with a pool table and even a T.V. area. However, certainly, with all of the great opportunities to take advantage of the great outdoors, you won’t be sitting inside when you visit Fort Clark. There’s a variety of biking and hiking trails that run parallel to Las Moras Creek, and on your travels, you’ll pass through various ruins with extensive history. There’s also a museum containing artifacts from the various tribes, nationalities, and military groups that had a presence here.

Fort Clark Springs Could be Your New Texas Summer Vacation Destination

Photo: Facebook/Dina Hinz Perry

If birding is more your bag, there are more than 250 species at Fort Clark, which is also recognized as a National Bird Sanctuary. Trails and blinds are clearly established for prime viewing and photography. Also at the ready are lists of the types of birds for which to keep an eye out. Call ahead to make arrangements to visit a bird blind, in case of inclement weather. Should you require accommodations, Las Moras has your Texas Hill Country hookup with both un-serviced campsites and an RV park. The RV sites also have such amenities as wifi, cable T.V., clean bathrooms and showers, a laundry room, and a kitchen. There’s also a quaint motel on hand for those who prefer four walls and a bed. Repurposed from former cavalry barracks, it’s loaded with charm and character.

Take a trip to Fort Clark this summer to enjoy all that nature has to offer in one of the more beautiful, not to mention historic sites, in Texas. This home-away-from-home might just turn into the adventure of a lifetime, and it’s right here in your own backyard!