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Texas Neighborhood HOA Tells Residents to Remove These Flags

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In Fort Worth neighborhood, Seventeen Lakes, homeowners have been told to take down “back the blue” flags waving outside of their homes. Many residents are furious.

“Back the blue” flags are black and white versions of the American flag with a single thin blue stripe in the middle. The symbolism of the thin blue line honors fallen police officers and shows reverence for the police department. Seventeen Lakes residents in particular are honoring injured Fort Worth officer Matt Pearce who was shot while serving an arrest warrant.

Seventeen Lakes ‘s Homeowners Association is controlled by the neighborhood developer and only allows for traditional American, Texan, or military flags. Those flying “back the blue” could face $100 a day fines.

Marvin Faulkenburry told WFAA 8 that he has received a citation and finds the situation “insulting.” For now, he has switched back to the red, white, and blue American flag. Other neighbors are torn about what to do. Some are simply taking down their “back the blue” flag while others are choosing to risk the fine while hoping the HOA will start making an exception for the new symbolic flag.