Fort Worth Clinic Offers Life-Changing Eye Surgery for Free

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Cataracts are a clouding of the lens of the eye that slowly leads to severely impaired vision. The surgery to fix most cases of cataracts can be very simple and done in a clinic, but unfortunately, the procedure can be very expensive.

As a loving grandmother, Lisa Morgan was upset with how her cataracts prevented her from taking care of her grandchildren. “What are you good for?” Morgan described her feelings about herself to NBC DFW. “I mean really what are you good for? You’re not good for nothing. You can’t drive, you can’t babysit. Because if something were to happen with the kids then I can’t drive them to the hospital. It’s very devastating.” She even suffered from a fall, breaking her knees because she missed a step due to her cataracts.

Thankfully, the Fort Worth’s Cornerstone Cataract Clinic has pledged to help people like Morgan who need this simple and incredibly effective surgery. Currently, they’re the only free clinic with a room set up just to perform these surgeries.

Dr. Aaron Amacher volunteered to do the 15 min procedure on Morgan which she called “miraculous!” Now she has a renewed love for life. For more information on the clinic that thinks everyone deserves to be able to see, click here.