Fort Worth Day Shelter to Close Its Doors For New Venture

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Since the late 1990s, Fort Worth’s original (and only) day shelter for the homeless has helped people by providing computer access, a mail center, toiletries, showers and air conditioning and heating. The DRC, or Day Resource Center, announced closing its doors earlier this month, but a new shelter has opened up in its place.

The Star-Telegram says that True Worth Place is also run by DRC, but it provides more than just daytime resources. Executive Director Bruce Frankel said, “Homelessness is a moment in someone’s life, not a label.” They’ve teamed up with other organizations to help find housing solutions along with necessities like providing mailing addresses, laundry facilities and safety.

Before True Worth Place opened, WFAA spoke to a woman named Callie who began using the DRC’s services a year ago after a divorce left her with no where to go. “I can get a roof, take a shower, and chit chat with a few of the workers I like,” she said. But she felt a bit apprehensive about what the future was to bring. She said the new shelter will be “a very different environment and a very different experience.” Hopefully Callie is feeling the warmth of the newly opened shelter along with the rest of Fort Worth’s currently homeless population.