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Fort Worth Hospital Treats Children with Polio-Like Symptoms

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Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth is experiencing an influx of medical mysteries with several children coming to the facility experiencing symptoms similar to Polio. Fox 4 writes that six children have been diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis, which mimics many of the symptoms of Polio. But why this disease has suddenly impacted kids in Fort Worth is a question that can’t be answered yet.

According to the CDC, acute flaccid myelitis can develop from viral infections, which could be the cause of its sudden spread. It impacts the nervous system and leaves children with “sudden weakness in one or more arms or legs, along with loss of muscle tone and decreased or absent reflexes.”

Fort Worth isn’t the only area that’s seen an increase of this rare disease. Since August of this year, 50 cases have been confirmed in 24 states across America.

Treatment for this serious disease has to be taken on a case-by-case basis. The best way to prevent it is to stop mosquito bites (West Nile can cause the disease), and stay up to date on vaccines as poliovirus can activate the disease as well. Anyone can get this debilitating disease, so the CDC says it’s best to take every precaution necessary.