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The Fort Worth Symphony Goes on Strike

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The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra is currently on strike against their pay cuts.

On Wednesday, the group received a final offer regarding their pay that saw no change from an earlier offer, so the musicians union voted to strike. After rehearsing on Thursday, they began their strike outside of the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth. The group wore green shirts asking the community for their support and held uniform picket signs explaining their situation.

Bassist Julie Vinsant told NBC DFW, “We want our audiences and the citizens of Fort Worth to know how much we regret that we are forced to take this extreme step. We call on our management to come back to the table so that we can continue providing great music for our great city. We are very thankful for your continuing steadfast support.”

According to NBC DFW, the final offer was a “four-year deal that includes annual pay cuts in the first three years ranging from 7.5 percent in year one to a 2 percent cut in year three. By the fourth year, the musicians’ income would be 5 percent lower than what they earned in 2010.” Symphony officials explain that the organization has taken a hit financially due to less corporate and government support.

The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s performances this weekend have been canceled.