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Fort Worth Water Gardens: An Aquatic Sanctuary in a Texas Urban Jungle

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A cool oasis in North Texas, the Fort Worth Water Gardens is both beautiful and refreshing. Adjacent to the Fort Worth Convention Center, at 1502 Commerce Street, the gardens consist of just over four acres, including a terraced knoll and three pools of water which were designed by renowned New York architects, Phillip Johnson and John Burgee. They were dedicated to the city by the Amon G. Carter Foundation and have been a relaxing setting ever since, in an often hot urban center.

It Features A Meditation Pool.

Fort Worth Water Gardens: An Aquatic Sanctuary In A Texas Urban Jungle

Photo: Facebook/Jherich Silas Photos

Constructed in 1974, the water gardens include a quiet meditation pool, blue in color and surrounded by cypress trees. Its outskirts are also lined by high walls which double as a cascade surface for water pouring at almost 90 degrees into the sunken pool. The sound of the water falling is akin to the sounds of a rain shower, adding to the atmosphere of peace and serenity.

An Aerating Pool as Well as an Active Pool for Sensory & Water Enjoyment

Fort Worth Water Gardens: An Aquatic Sanctuary In A Texas Urban Jungle

Photo: Facebook/Janet Gerlach

The park’s aerating pool sits under a canopy of oak trees and has multiple illuminated fountains. The main attraction, however, is the active pool, which includes cascading water pouring down terraces and steps from 38 feet, into a small pool at the base. It was constructed for the purpose of experiencing the power of the water, the sounds and the motion of it, as it crashes around visitors while they walk down the terraced steps.

Water, Shade, & Serenity to Relax in Fort Worth

Fort Worth Water Gardens: An Aquatic Sanctuary In A Texas Urban Jungle

Photo: Facebook/Ram Gabriel

The terraced knoll helps to buffer the park from the rest of Fort Worth and in efforts to make the south end of the park quieter and more peaceful, I-30 was relocated and Lancaster Avenue now sits adjacent to the Water Gardens. The gardens can, of course, be enjoyed at any time of the year for visitors to experience the many water features and meander through the relaxing plaza and on particularly stressful days, escape to the shade and serenity of the quiet pool to take a deep breath and relax in Fort Worth.