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Fort Worth’s Weston Gardens Features English Styling with a Texas Twist

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Amongst 17 acres of peaceful sanctuary, amidst evergreens, ferns, birds, and creatures, framed by an assortment of blooms and supple grasses, sits Weston Gardens in Bloom in Fort Worth. A year-round natural space to visit and “get away from it all,” these gardens offer up a remarkable beauty in springtime in particular. Dedicated to plant species that are native to Texas and acclimated to their environs, their lush landscape has been developed in the historic English style of demonstration gardens, with a Texas twist.

Fort Worth’s Weston Gardens Features English Stylings with a Texas Twist

Photo: Facebook/Weston Gardens In Bloom

A wonderful wedding ceremony and reception venue in the heart of Texas, Weston Gardens in Bloom is the culmination of design efforts by Randy and Sue Weston. They specialize in easy-care gardens that can muster up the ability to withstand the local climate while giving off the English flair for presentation. The facility includes a number of demonstration gardens featuring hardy native and perennial plant species, fountains and ponds, a retail nursery, a small gift shop full of accessories, and special events and seminars that take place on-site. Sometimes, on special occasions, you can even enjoy a cup of tea and listen to harp music as you take in the setting. There are also child-friendly gardening and cross promotion events with nature centers that encourage their interest in horticulture, native plant species, growing and caring for gardens.

Fort Worth’s Weston Gardens Features English Stylings with a Texas Twist

Photo: Facebook/Felicia Glawson Sundgren

Everything at Weston Gardens in Bloom is designed with the idea of putting visitors in touch with nature, and Randy and Sue promote the joys of gardening through show-and-tell, similar to the Benjamin Franklin concept, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” The couple stress the importance of picking plants that are able to cope with the Texas weather extremes, especially the heat. Such examples include perennials like flame acanthus (hummingbird bush), pink skullcap, autumn sage, wood fern, and rock rose, to name a few. You’ll be happy to know that shade trees also have a place on this list, including the Eastern red cedar and the chinquapin oak. These, together with a number of shrubs, groundcovers, vines, and ornamental grasses make for popular and well-conditioned gardening products that develop into gorgeous Texas gardens.

Fort Worth’s Weston Gardens Features English Stylings with a Texas Twist

Photo: Maxpixel

Although Weston Gardens in Bloom is designed to bloom year-round and provide continual interest to visitors, their peak season runs from April through the end of June. Guests can select a garden path, and meander into the park’s center, literally stopping to smell the roses. While they roam, bees buzz, butterflies flutter, and birds chirp. It almost sounds like something from a Disney film, to be honest, but the reality is far more beautiful to behold than a 2D artist’s rendition could ever make it. Enjoy time with family and friends, explore, get the details on the plants you love and how to grow them and sit a while beneath the shady canopy of trees in Fort Worth. You never know what could take root as a result, and what interests may blossom.