This Village Populated by Foxes is the Cutest Place Ever

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Tucked away in the Miyagi Mountains in Japan, there’s a special little place known as the Zao Fox Village. It’s probably the best place on the planet, and that’s because it’s home to six different fox species that are just too adorable to not love.

The excitable foxes romp around all day, playing with each other and visitors to the village. For only 85 cents, you can enter this magical playground of fur and get to know some foxy friends.

Foxes are, besides cats and dogs, fairly easy to domesticate, though it’s highly advised against keeping them as pets. Because they are wild animals still, visitors to Zao Fox Village are asked to not hand-feed the furry friends.

In Russia, domesticated foxes were once a common sight as they had specifically evolved and adapted to the harsh winter conditions of Eurasia. There is even a specific breed – the Russian domesticated red fox (creative name, we know) – that was crossbred with dogs for over 50 years until the perfect little domesticating fox was born.

So when you’re feeling down or just need a little giggle, just remember that there is an entire fox village in Japan devoted to the furriest friends.