Franklin Barbecue: 2 Great Sauces Which Are Perfect Every Time

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We love to cook and eat, and there’s no doubt about it, Texas loves barbecue. So, it stands to reason that we have some mighty fine makers of some delicious barbecue sauces! Franklin Barbecue in Austin, in the Texas Hill Country, has fans that make the journey from throughout the state just to wait in line for a taste of their smoky brisket. But there’s another thing they make which can help put the rest of us in a league of our own when it comes to this style of cooking, and that’s some good barbecue sauce.

Adding sweetness and spice, pairing nicely with the chicken, ribs, and even steak that we’re attempting to christen our grills with, a good barbecue sauce recipe is like a bible to shade tree chefs! Having one is akin to an heirloom you lovingly pass on to someone in the family that proves their ability to care for its value and worth. And, Eater has shared that very thing with all of us – the golden goose of barbecue sauces recipes! At Franklin Barbecue, they have not one, but two such sauce recipes you’ll want to try – an espresso and a classic. Good for dipping, serving, or basting with, they’ll add that extra pop of flavor you’re looking for when you pay homage to your barbecue idols by sacrificing a slab of meat on your grill.

Franklin Barbecue Espresso and Classic Barbecue Sauces

barbecue sauces Franklin Barbecue: Two Great Sauces Perfect Every Time


Key ingredients for these recipes include:


Cider Vinegar

White Vinegar

Brown Sugar


Eater has the recipes as well as the directions to make Franklin Barbecue’s Espresso Barbecue Sauce and Classic Barbecue Sauce. You’ll want to print and laminate these things for posterity because once you’ve tried them, there’s no turning back in the sacred sauce department – you’ll be hooked!