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Fredericksburg 2016 Wine Marketing Conference

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Google the words, “wine in Fredericksburg, TX” and 221,000 results show up. That’s more than, “wine anywhere”! (For real, we ‘googled’ it.) If wine is to Fredericksburg what Google is to the internet search, then picture a wine marketing conference taking place in this mecca of southern hospitality! That’s right, from Nov. 8-10, 2016, the Wine Marketing & Tourism Conference (formerly known as the Wine Tourism Conference) is moving its host location to Fredericksburg, in Texas Hill Country.  What does this mean to THC wineries and surrounding value-added businesses? It provides research-backed information in a single-point-of-access setting through which the wine and wine tourism industry leaders can learn to grow and improve their local offerings.

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According to the Wine Tourism Conference ( website, the state of Texas has 3,500 acres of vineyards and 350 bonded wineries (reference: Texas Wine & Grape Growers Association). Equally amazing is the fact that the state’s wine industry has a $1.9 billion annual impact on the economy, a third of which is due to wine tourism – proof that you too can have a dramatic ripple effect by simply going for a wine tasting or venturing out on a wine tour! Other points of interest noted by the event are; a) There are approximately 900,000 wine-related tourists within the state of Texas each year, and; b) Texas Hill Country itself was selected as a Top Ten Wine Travel Destination in 2014 by Wine Enthusiast Magazine. For those in the industry, this means beaucoup bucks for not only their budding businesses, but also those that support them through tours, tastings, value-added sales (i.e. wine glass manufacturers, carafe makers, all manner of wine bric-à-brac and knick-knacks you can imagine) and general merchandising through hotels and restaurants, travel agencies and wine associations.

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With attendance expected to reach two hundred, consisting of winery representatives, wine/tourism associations and convention & visitors’ bureaus (CVBs), tour operators, travel agencies, transportation companies, and event planners, as well as hotels, restaurants, PR professionals and, of course, bloggers (*cough*, the Wine Marketing & Tourism Conference is expected to be a huge boon for business in the THC, and in particular, Fredericksburg.

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