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Fredericksburg Insider: We Get ‘The Blues’ After Tourists Leave Town Each Sunday

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For many, many people, Fredericksburg only exists on Friday night and Saturday, and by Sunday morning, Fredericksburg is just a memory as the roads are crowded with cars leaving town. What do y’all suppose happens here after you leave? We get The Blues.

For us, the party is just starting.

Blues Monday

Photo: Robert C. Deming

We call it Silver Creek. Their real name is Silver Creek Beer Garden and Grille (who knew?). The show is led by Ben Beckendorf, AKA The Reverend. Ben is a local; his father was an artist whose pen and ink drawings of deer and other Hill Country wildlife are well known and found in many homes and offices. While Ben also does visual arts, he is best known for his mastery of The Blues. Tonight his band includes Rick Boss on harmonica and vocals, Clay Bielmann on drums and vocals, David Hohmann on saxophone, Kelly Luker on bass guitar, and Noel Bullard on lead guitar.

We don’t need tourists to make this happen, and we can keep it all to ourselves. However, if you show up, you’ll be welcome. Many of the restaurants are closed on Mondays, but we are here, at Blues Monday. Tonight a random visitor showed up, Dennis Coward. Dennis has played in Nashville, and he has played with Ben Beckendorf, and tonight he was invited on the stage to play again. You may go home, but the party never ends in Fredericksburg.