Fredericksburg’s Iconic Tiny Houses

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In Fredericksburg, Texas, tiny houses in the historic district are iconic; they’re called Sunday houses, and many of them are now B&B’s where visitors still stay on the weekend.

Farmers lived just far enough out of town that a trip to Fredericksburg by horse and wagon took more than one day. For the younger set, the visits to town were probably exciting adventures; youngsters might look forward to a sweet treat from the store, while big sister might be sweet on the boy behind the counter. Because going to town took precious time away from farming and took some planning, many families in the surrounding area built miniature homes in Fredericksburg for their visits.

On a Saturday morning, bright and early, they might load up the youngsters, and big sister, and point the horses towards town. Families would pick up supplies and visit with neighbors. These visits were very important to big sister, too, as there were social events on some Saturday nights; music and dancing under the Texas stars.

Because faith was central in the lives of these immigrants of mostly German decent, the visit to town wasn’t complete without attending a worship service where other equally important events like weddings might be planned. Because some families were quite prolific many Sunday houses grew with the families and the community, but they haven’t been forgotten.

This house is only 200 square feet!

Weber Sunday House - resized

Photo: Robert C. Deming

The Weber Sunday House is on the grounds of the Pioneer Museum, and includes a recorded description of their origin and use.

Inside Weber Sunday House

Weber Sunday House Interior

Photo: Robert C. Deming

This is the inside of Weber Sunday House. Is this enough space for your family to spend the night?

Not every tiny house was a Sunday House

Barons Creek Cottage
Photo: Robert C. Deming

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