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Zero Adoption Fees for Cats and Kittens at the Austin Animal Center

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Through July 4th, cats and kittens are adoption-fee free at the Austin Animal Center.

Deputy Chief Animal Services Officer Kristen Auerbach told KXAN, “Right now, we have the best selection of cats and kittens of any time of the year. If you’re looking for a certain age or color, or even a special type like a Siamese or Blue Russian, now’s the time you can find it.”

Each adopted cat or kitten will have its vaccinations, be spayed/neutered, and have a microchip in case they ever stray too far away from home. Combined with the adoption fee, these cuddly creatures are saving you $300 if you adopt one quickly.


Shelters in Austin, lately, are overrun with animals. The Austin Animal Center currently cares for 800 kitties, most are receiving medical care or have been placed in a foster home, but 250 of them are waiting for a forever home in the shelter.

Austin Animal Center is always looking for more kitten foster parents. You can sign up or stop by the Center itself to start caring for a fun little kitten. Of course, older cats need love as well, so if you’re looking for a companion with lower-energy, there’s a lap cat waiting for you too.