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McAlister’s Deli is Celebrating ‘Free Tea Day 2016’ Today

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McAlister’s Deli is hosting “Free Tea Day” this year on July, 21, 2016 at all participating locations. Their Facebook Event states, “Join us for the largest Tea Freak celebration, the first 25 guests in line at each restaurant will get a free Tea Freak t-shirt.” Are you a “Tea Freak”? Well, one thing we are sure of is that McAlister’s Deli has some of the best sweet tea around.

They also have a Facebook page dedicated to the McAlister’s Deli Tea Freaks, and they are the self-proclaimed “Tea Freak Nation”. Their page aptly states, “At McAlister’s Deli, we believe that every part of this great country makes something delicious worth sharing. So when you walk through our doors, you’ll be able to explore local favorites from New York to New Orleans to California to Savannah. We want to make it easy for you to experience the best of what’s out there – in here. Every regional favorite is handcrafted and made to order using fresh, high-quality ingredients. Better yet, we promise that every generous portion will be served with a smile as big as the one it’ll leave on your face.”

Also on their Facebook Event, they are offering something unique: “As we count down to the big day, we’re searching for the ultimate Tea Freak. Show your Tea Freakiness on Twitter or Instagram with#FreeTeaDay2016 for your chance to win $5,000.” So, that means there is prize money to be won by the biggest “Tea Freak”!

For more information and to find participating McAlister’s Delis, visit them online at http://bit.ly/28NZhxL. We think a big glass of iced tea sounds pretty good about now.