French Toast Recipes to Pin for Memorable Mornings

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One of the easiest ways to upgrade your mornings is to make a better breakfast. Though cold cereal and plain toast take seconds to prepare, they don’t satisfy the way a hot meal does. To make a more memorable morning, pin and try these French toast recipes. You’ll get a restaurant experience at home, and since French toast typically uses common ingredients in your home, you likely won’t have to make a grocery run to get what you need to prepare these tasty recipes.

1. Cream Cheese Stuffed Pumpkin French Toast Bake

French Toast Recipes Cream Cheese Pumpkin French Toast Bake

Photo: Pinterest/Lemon Blossoms

If you hate the effort of cooking individual pieces of French toast in a pan, make this fall-flavored pumpkin bake from Lemon Blossoms. With rich challah or brioche bread, flavorful pumpkin, and savory cream cheese, this bake tastes great and saves time, too. You can even assemble it the night before and bake it the following morning.

2. Peanut Butter Cup French Toast

Peanut Butter Cup French Toast

Photo: Pinterest/This is Not Diet Food

For a very special occasion – or if you happen to have extra candy at home – make this peanut butter cup French toast from This is Not Diet Food. No, this recipe does not create a healthier version of a peanut butter cup. Instead, it sandwiches chocolate peanut butter cups and marshmallow fluff between pieces of bread. The whole treat gets dipped in French toast batter and pan-fried for a decadent dessert for chocolate or peanut butter lovers.

3. S’mores French Toast

French Toast Recipes Smores French Toast

Photo: Pinterest/Spicy Southern Kitchen

Spicy Southern Kitchen has a recipe for French toast everyone will want some more of. With all the flavors of the summer camp favorite, s’mores, between slices of French toast, this dish will earn raves from your family. Is it dessert? Is it breakfast? You decide when you make this over-the-top treat.

4. Doughnut French Toast

Doughnut French Toast
Photo: Pinterest/The Novice Chef

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