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Friendly Foot Race Between an Officer and a Gentleman: DPD Officer Shows How It’s Done

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After being challenged to a friendly foot race, a Dallas Police Officer showed that he’s got skills. On Saturday, July 29, the Dallas Police Department tweeted out a video showing an officer and a civilian competing in a foot race down a local street. According to a report by NBC DFW, the officer and the man had been talking when the man made note that he didn’t think the officer looked like he would be fast enough to catch him. After also noticing the additional 20 pounds of police gear that the officer was required to wear, the man challenged him to give it a go. The tweet by the Dallas Police Department shows just how well he did.

Having accepted the challenge, the officer and the man lined up to start. The department noted that the challenger was clearly mistaken when the video showed that the officer was much faster than he expected. The DPD officer also had time to look back a few times to see where he was in comparison to his challenger. The rigorous training and the requirement for good physical conditioning can be deceiving to those that simply see a Dallas Police Officer quietly patrolling in a car or on foot. Ultimately, all Texas authorities have to meet requirements that many of us would fail to, and they have to do so carrying additional gear! It was a friendly match nonetheless and the officer was all too happy to show just exactly how it’s done.



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