FrogLog Invention Keeps Critters From Drowning in Your Pool

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A drowned frog or mouse floating around in your pool can really put a damper on summer fun. Thankfully, wildlife biologist Rich Mason figured out a way to keep nature safe and sound around the pool. Bored Panda recently featured his invention aptly called the FrogLog, which “consists of an inflatable platform with an attached mesh skirt, a weighted pouch that secures the device to the pool’s edge, and mesh ramp connecting the two ends.” It basically looks like a little blue peninsula inside of your pool that’s attached to the ground, and frogs, mice, lizards, and even snakes, will thank you for its existence.

According to the FrogLog website, Mason conceived of the invention after friends of his with a pool told him they kept finding frogs in their skimmer basket. In fact, “one morning, after a warm rainy night, an astonishing 53 frogs and toads were found in the pool.” Of course, for a wildlife biologist, the death rate was astounding. After breaking out the sewing machine, he fashioned the first FrogLog, which was “94 percent effective at allowing trapped amphibians to climb out of the pool.”

The device doesn’t require any special assembly, and since it doesn’t attach to the ground, it can be moved to any part of the pool. They retail for $23 and can be purchased here.