This Fruitcake is More Than a Tasty Gift: It’s a Time for Christmas Bonding

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With the holidays coming up, thoughts of what to give family members and friends as Christmas and perhaps New Year’s presents are on the minds of many. The idea of sharing food and drinks over the festive season has not been lost on many a Texas family. The economy not always being what we’d like, and our ability to provide what we see as high-end gifts doesn’t have to dampen our “giving” spirits, however. We can bake cookies, mix up punch, gift dry hot chocolate mixtures… and we can resort to an age-old tradition of giving fruitcake!

Simply Recipes shares a wonderful version of a fruitcake recipe that could be just the thing you’re needing to ensure your loved ones know how much you care for them this year. Remember, it’s always the thought that counts, and the size and price tag on a gift don’t reflect the amount of care you have for your recipients as much as the time and effort you put into thinking of them. A fruitcake isn’t necessarily an inexpensive thought either! Sometimes simply going to the grocery store to pick up all of the ingredients needed for this delicious dessert is a good chunk of change. But it’s worth it to see the smiles on their faces when they unwrap something so tasty and easily paired with a great cup of coffee or hot chocolate over the holidays!


This Fruitcake is More Than a Tasty Gift: It's a Time for Christmas Bonding


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Chopped Dates



Orange Rind (Grated)

Sour Cream




The full ingredient list and all of the measurements are available at the link provided here by Simply Recipes. This tasty fruitcake is something your family will be talking about for years to come. And quite possibly, when they think of Christmas time or New Year’s Eve snacking, they’ll remember back to when you baked this seasonal masterpiece for the whole family, knowing how much love and care you put into thinking of them all. This is even a recipe that you can make into a family tradition, incorporating little hands as helpers with your son or daughter, nieces and nephews, or even your neighbor’s kids! Time in the kitchen baking together could be a part of the gift-giving process in itself. The holidays, after all, are what you make of them.