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Friend Tags a Fugitive on Facebook at an Iron Maiden Concert, Police Show Up and Arrest Him

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On Saturday night, classic metal band Iron Maiden played a show at the AT&T Center in San Antonio. While fans excitedly sang along to hits like “The Trooper,” Bexar County Sheriff Office officials were busy tracking down a fugitive in the crowd.

According to KSAT, Derrick Roseland was a known fugitive from Austin wanted for aggravated kidnapping. Austin police had an inkling that he would be attending the concert, so they asked the Bexar County Sheriff’s Intelligence Unit to keep an eye on him. Sure enough, Roseland’s friend tagged him and posted a photo of their tickets, revealing their exact seat locations to Facebook.

The BCSO posted to their own Facebook, saying, “Deputies went to the seats pictured on Facebook and arrested Roseland without incident.” Commenters couldn’t help but find the situation a little funny. Victor Jones wrote, “When Iron Maiden played ‘Run to the Hills’, perhaps he should have taken heed! Great work officers.” Tommy Haynes quipped, “What are friends for?”

Along with info about the arrest, BCSO also posted a photo of Roseland who sports two swastika tattoos on his shoulders. Don Horvat wrote, “Iron Maiden and Iron Maiden fans have more class than that.”