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Part I: Fun Fall Activities in Texas for the Whole Family

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Texas has tons of fun to experience during the fall time. And, as the temperatures finally begin to cool down, locals and visitors alike can take the time to enjoy some of this state’s natural beauty without the worry of heat-related fatigue or heat exhaustion. With a number of seasonal events that are unique to our state, here is the first in a three-part series of fun fall activities the whole family can enjoy in Texas.

1. Exploring on Horseback

Part I: Fun Fall Activities in Texas for the Whole Family

Photo: Facebook/Ranchseeker

One of the greatest ways to explore incredible terrain in Texas that you might not otherwise get to enjoy is to go there on horseback. Given the opportunity and the time, your family can ride over a number of state park trails, through state natural areas, or even check out dude and guest ranch trails! There are literally thousands of breathtaking acres of Texas to be explored on horseback while taking in some fresh air and spending time with family.

2. Taking a Hike

Part I: Fun Fall Activities in Texas for the Whole Family

Photo: Facebook/Traveler On the Backroads

Fall time is the perfect time to explore hidden Texas gems. Lace up your hiking boots and check out local hiking paths, state parks, and some of the Lone Star State’s beautiful waterfalls. There are hidden waterholes to be found, fall colors to experience, elevations to climb, and easy strolls alongside beautiful Texas scenery which your family can enjoy on a weekend outing.

3. Star Gazing

Part I: Fun Fall Activities in Texas for the Whole Family

Photo: Facebook/Filming Family

One thing Texas is definitely known for is its stars. Big, bright, and beautiful, these babies are just waiting for your family to plan a late-night adventure such as a visit to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. The dark skies in this area, as well as many others throughout Texas qualify for some of the most amazing views of the Milky Way, shooting stars, and many constellations you and the kids may be studying together. Plan ahead, pack some warm blankets, some hot chocolate, and your telescopes and you’ve got a great fall night out in Texas.