Furry Friend Stays With Injured Canine Pal on Train Tracks

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Where would we be without the help of our friends? Well, in this case, it’s the help of a sibling. Two dogs, Lucy and Panda, sister and brother, stayed together on the train tracks in the Ukraine for two days. Lucy was apparently injured, and Panda remained with her on the tracks, even as trains flew by over top of them.

A resident of Uzhgorod, the town where Lucy and Panda are from, captured the two on video and uploaded it to the internet, where it’s been picked up by a number of accounts. This particular post is on the YouTube channel called Crazy East, which features videos from Russia and China. Desperate to keep Lucy safe and free from further harm, Panda remained with her on the tracks, keeping guard from trains and anything else that might try to hurt her for approximately two days.

Lucy was too injured to be able to move away from the tracks, so Panda ensured her safety by staying with her. He curled up next to her, kept her warm, and according to reports, he would push her head down whenever a train came along. Denis Malafeyev, the videographer, shared the video of the dogs and went on to explain that Panda kept locals away from his sister, barking if he felt they would bring harm to her. The two were later rescued together and rode to the vet’s together, where Lucy is being cared for.